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What is Ammoin?

Ammoin is a casual, simple and highly addictive game developed for the iPhone and iPod touch. The goal is to collect all the valuables on the board by moving a pawn according to some simple movement rules. The name Ammoin is a finnish word that translates to 'in ancient times', hence the nature of the available themes.

How to play?

The play area (board) consists of a 5x5 grid of squares. At the beginning of each level a set of valuables is placed randomly on the board along with the pawn. The player moves the pawn by tapping on the square he wants to jump to. The pawn can jump over two squares horizontally or vertically and over one square diagonally. A square can only be visited once during a level.

Chain bonus

Normally 10 points are awarded per valuable, but if the player is able to collect more than one with subsequent moves, the number of points awarded for each valuable increases (up to a maximum of 250 points per valuable).

Completing a level

If the player manages to collect all the valuables in a level, the game then proceeds to the next level and the board is reset (the amount of valuables increases with each level). Whenever the player completes three levels in a row (without losing a pawn), a new pawn is awarded. The maximum number of pawns is 5 (one on the board and 4 in reserve).

Losing a pawn

The player is awarded with two pawns at the beginning of the game. If no more valid moves are available, the pawn and the accumulated score for the level is lost. Once no more pawns are available, the game ends.